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  1. (Video) Editing Word Documents on a Mac (no Audio)

  2. Activity Types, Report Types, Print Templates Overview

  3. Activity Types, Report Types, Print Templates Overview

  4. Adding a Placement

  5. Adding a Staff Record

  6. Adding a Staff Signature

  7. Adding a User ID

  8. Adding and Maintaining Home Activity Types

  9. Adding and Maintaining Home Print Templates

  10. Adding and Maintaining Home Report Types

  11. Adding and Maintaining Program Activity Types

  12. Adding and Maintaining Program Print Templates

  13. Adding and Maintaining Program Report Types

  14. Address Book

  15. Attaching and Deleting Files

  16. Automatic Tracking of Email Correspondence

  17. Billing Generation

  18. Blank MS Word Document (did not save)

  19. Can I run extendedReach in more than one browser window/tab?

  20. Case Referrals

  21. Case Screen: Compliance Tab

  22. Content Controls

  23. Creating, Approving, and Completing Activities and Reports (Workflow)

  24. Custom Fields

  25. Days Care Rates

  26. Deleting a User & Inactivating Staff Profile/Employee Leaves Agency

  27. Disable Reading View in MS Word

  28. Due Dates

  29. Editing Word Documents

  30. Electronic signature are not added when approved

  31. Email Alerts

  32. Embed Contact Form (Inquiry) or Training Sign-Up form on your public website.

  33. eR Inbox and Email Alert Security

  34. eR Plugin Install Error: requires the .NET Framework version 2.0...

  35. Expiration Dates

  36. extendedReach Plugin will not work in Chrome, but it does work in Internet Explorer

  37. Field code for secondary worker's signature

  38. Field Codes

  39. Getting Started

  40. Home Screen: Compliance Tab

  41. Home Training Configuration

  42. HomeMatch

  43. How can I change the discharge date, outcome, reason, or location?

  44. How can I delete a document from my inbox?

  45. How can I recover changes to a document that did not save or a file that I accidentally deleted?

  46. How can I send emails into extendedReach?

  47. How do I disable my browser's pop-up blocker for extendedReach?

  48. How do you record that a child is going on respite?

  49. How to add referrals to your Workspace

  50. How to change your password.

  51. How to configure my copy machine to scan emails to our extendedReach inbox addresses using our Google Apps account.

  52. How to disable Google Chrome PDF Viewer

  53. How to edit an existing placement

  54. How to readmit a foster child

  55. How to record a Fost-Adopt disruption?

  56. How to recover a lost document.

  57. How to remove unwanted activities and reports.

  58. I don't see my cases on My Workspace when I log in to extendedReach.

  59. Installing the extendedReach Plug-In

  60. Installing the extendedReach Plug-In

  61. Is there a maximum number of file attachments per activity or report?

  62. Maximum File Size

  63. Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet is Blank

  64. Microsoft Word Document did not save.

  65. Multiple placements in a single day

  66. Recovering MS Word Documents and File Attachments

  67. Revision Tracking

  68. Setting Up Scanner Inbox

  69. Shared Forms and Files

  70. The the GCM module, what is considered a session?

  71. Using Your Scanner Inbox

  72. Using Your Scanner Inbox

  73. What is the variance field on the home licensing tab used for?

  74. Why are inactive workers showing on my workspace?

  75. Why can't a new Activity or Report be created while the old one is awaiting approval?

  76. Why is a report missing from the ‘Add Report’ Menu?

  77. Why is a worker missing from the Workspace list or "Performed By:" field?

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